Towers for Users

Learn to work safely with towers

Duration: 1 day
Practical: Yes
Standards: EN 1004
Mobile access towers are straight up and down, single bay structures with four legs and wheels that can reach heights of 8m outdoors and 12m indoors. These lightweight structures can be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily, with collective fall prevention in place throughout.
It’s no wonder they’re a familiar sight in workplaces across the world, used by everyone from facilities managers and signage companies to stonemasons and event organisers.

Get trained

3T tower being assembled on PASMA course

PASMA Towers for Users will equip you with the specialist knowledge you need to work safely with mobile access towers. Spend one day at an approved PASMA training centre with an expert instructor and go back to work knowing:

  • How to safely assemble, dismantle, alter and move mobile access towers
  • How to safely use mobile access towers
  • How to inspect mobile access towers
  • How to identify hazards relating to their use
  • What legislation, regulations and guidance are applicable to these towers

If you’re new to towers or tower training, Towers for Users is the ideal starter course. It’s our flagship course, taken by more than 70,000 delegates each year. Once you’ve completed it, you become eligible for more advanced courses which cover different tower configurations, like Linked Towers, Towers on Stairways, Cantilever Towers, Towers with Bridges and Large Deck Towers.

Book Towers for Users training at a nearby training centre or read on to learn more about the course.

Expert instructor
Formally assessed
Industry backed

What's covered?

Through a combination of theory and practical work, you will learn about:

  • Work at height responsibilities of employers, employees and suppliers
  • Standards affecting the manufacture and use of mobile access towers
  • Where to find crucial safety information
  • When it’s safe to use a mobile access tower, and when it’s not
  • Carrying out pre-use checks and post-assembly inspections on mobile access towers
  • Good practices for the safe use of mobile access towers
  • Accessing a platform safely
  • Moving a mobile access tower
  • The components used in a mobile access tower
  • Identifying hazards in the work environment
  • Avoiding personal health hazards
Delegates on PASMA mobile tower training course

Earn your PASMA card

Your training instructor will give you an electronic or printed copy of the course notes and a PASMA Code of Practice that you can refer back to. 

On successfully completing the theory and practical segments of the course, you’ll receive a PASMA PhotoCard and Certificate. Your PASMA card (or ticket) will open doors to jobs in all sorts of industries, so be sure to highlight it to employers.

Is this the right course for me?

This course is suitable for anyone who will be using mobile access towers at home or at work, including:

  • Those who have never used towers before
  • Those who already use towers but have never been formally trained
  • Those re-taking the course after an earlier qualification expires

It’s designed for operatives. If you manage or supervise operatives, look at Towers for Managers instead.

If you also work with low level access equipment, this course can be done at the same time as Low-Level Access. By doing the combined course, you get both qualifications in one day!

A Towers for Users course taking place at the new Warren Access facility in Newcastle

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