TowerSure by PASMA

The smarter way to manage tower inspections


This page contains all the info you need to use TowerSure by PASMA – from getting started to accessing support when you need it. 

The system that’s available today is a beta version, which means there’s still time to share the product that will go on general release. It also means that, although TowerSure has been thoroughly tested, you might still find bugs. Please know that any insights and feedback you provide on the beta version will help to create a truly game-changing tool for tower users across the world. 

Thank you for leading the way in tower safety.

Inspection checklist

Ensure consistent, thorough tower inspections with built-in PASMA checklists

Electronic PASMA card

Built in PASMA competence checks

Inspection record

Create, store, search and share tower inspection records electronically

TowerSure console

See photos and details of all towers on your sites and projects – without leaving your office

Getting started


Quick start guide

Ready to make tower inspections smarter? Follow these 7 steps to get everyone set up:

  1. Register for a TowerSure account
  2. Create your Organisation (e.g. Tower Builders Ltd)
  3. Create at least one Project (e.g. Construction Client)*
  4. For each project, create at least one Site (e.g. Glasgow)
  5. Invite other Safety Managers to install the app 
  6. Invite your Tower Operatives to register in the management console
  7. To get the most out of the system, order a batch of TowerSure labels

Keep scrolling if you need any help with these steps!

* To get you started, we recommend choosing checklist type ‘In app checklist (automatically approve)’ and turn off the ability for app users to add sites)

What happens next?

1. Your Tower Operatives will receive an email from us inviting them to download the TowerSure mobile app

The mobile app is for workers who are out on site, building or using towers, whether they are employees or contractors. They will use the mobile app to inspect towers they build and check the inspection status of towers they plan to use. It’s a good idea to let them know about TowerSure and why you’d like them to try it. 

2. Your Safety Managers will receive an email from us inviting them to register for the TowerSure console

Safety Managers will use the web-based TowerSure management console to inspect, re-inspect or spot check towers, depending on their level of competence and the preferences of the organisation. It’s a good idea to let them know about TowerSure and why you’d like them to try it. 


3. Your TowerSure labels will arrive

TowerSure labels can be attached to the base of a tower to make it easier for people on site to check its inspection status. The labels include a QR code that anyone can scan to find out:

  • If a tower is safe to use
  • Who inspected it
  • When it was inspected

What next? Using TowerSure

How it works

  1. Operative builds tower as normal
  2. Operative inspects tower using TowerSure app
  3. Operative uploads photos of tower
  4. Operative approves tower for use
  5. Operative displays TowerSure label
  6. Electronic inspection record is stored safely in console
  7. Anyone can check the tower’s inspection status by scanning the TowerSure label
  8. Safety manager can see details, photos and inspection status of all towers in use on their sites
  9. Safety manager does inspection spot checks remotely
  10. Result of spot check is spent to operative’s phone
  11. Operative gets re-inspection reminders at suitable intervals
  12. Operative is responsible for remembering to reinspect after adverse events
  13. Operative marks tower as dismantled when work has finished

How it works - FAQs

You don’t need to use TowerSure labels for the system to work, they just make things easier. 

Worker checking tower

Supporting research

While you use TowerSure, you’re helping PASMA gather more images and data than ever before on how towers are used every day, in real workplaces. This anonymised information will form a vital part of future PASMA research projects that aim to advance tower safety on a worldwide scale. Thank you for supporting it.

What you can STOP doing...

Once you’re comfortable that TowerSure has been adopted by everyone in your organisation who needs it, you can stop making, filing and storing any other type of inspection record for towers. Until you get used to it, we recommend that TowerSure is an extra step in your process, not a replacement.

How to...

Once you get up and running, you’ll find TowerSure very easy to use. In this section, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for the most common tasks.

How to create an organisation

  1. Go to the Organisations tab
  2. Select Create in the top right corner
  3.  Enter your organisation’s Name
  4. If you wish, add a point of contact for your organisation
  5. Click Save

How to create a project

‘Projects’ is a way of grouping towers so they can be accessed by different groups of users. For example, a project could be a client, a geographical location or a team.

Any safety manager can complete these actions to add a new project:

  1. Log into the console and access the Projects tab
  2. Click Create in the top right corner
  3. Enter the Name of your project
  4. Select the Organisation it’s part of
  5. Decide if app users should be able to add their own sites
  6. Select a Checklist Type
  7. Click Save

Adding projects - FAQs

This will depend on the nature of your work. ‘Sites’ is a way of grouping towers within projects so they can be filtered and organised more easily, for example by location. If you let app users add sites themselves, it gives them maximum flexibility but could lead to inconsistencies and typos as multiple people add sites as they go.

We highly recommend ‘in app checklist (automatically approve)’ until you get used to TowerSure. However, the system has been designed to let you reimagine how you complete tower inspections, so there’s flexibility there if you need it.

Your options are:

  1. RECOMMENDED: In app checklist (automatically approve) – This means operatives will complete and approve their own inspections before starting work.


  2. In app checklist (approve in console) – This means the operative inspects the tower but can’t approve it themselves. A safety manager has to approve the inspection using the web console.


  3. Checklist in console – This means the operative doesn’t inspect the tower themselves. Instead, they take photos which a safety manager can use to inspect the tower remotely via the web console.

Whatever option you choose, there’s always a PASMA checklist to guide the operative or safety manager through the inspection and an inspection record will always be stored electronically. Remember, anyone inspecting towers, remotely or on-site, must be competent to do so.

If you’re not sure, start with In app checklist (automatically approve); you can always change later. You can even have a different mode for each project.

How to create a site

‘Sites’ is a way of grouping towers within projects so they can be filtered and organised more easily, for example by location. Any safety manager can complete these actions to add a new site:

  1. Log into the console and access the Sites tab
  2. Click Create in the top right corner
  3. Add a Site Name
  4. Select the Organisation it’s part of
  5. Select the Project it’s part of
  6. Search for the location and check it’s correct
  7. Click Save

Note: it’s possible for operatives to add sites from their phones too if you selected that option when you created the project.

How to add a new tower operative

Tower operatives are workers who will be out on site, building, inspecting and using towers. Invite them to join your organisation on TowerSure by following these steps:

  1. Log into the console and access the Users tab
  2. Click Invite in the top right corner
  3. Select the Organisation you’re inviting them to
  4. Decide if they should have access to all of your projects, or only some
  5. Select the role level App User
  6. Enter their details manually, or select Bulk CSV Upload
  7. Click Invite

Adding tower operatives - FAQs

This will depend on the nature of your organisation. If you’re a large organisation with lots of projects and contractors, it may make sense to grant access on a project-by-project basis.

How to add a new safety manager

Safety managers are those who need to know what’s happening on site, but aren’t out there assembling towers themselves. Invite them to join your organisation on TowerSure by following these steps:

  1. Log into the console and access the Users tab
  2. Click Invite in the top right corner
  3. Select the Organisation you’re inviting them to
  4. Give them access to All the organisation’s projects
  5. Select the role level Manager, Project Manager or Approver
  6. Enter their details manually, or select Bulk CSV Upload
  7. Click Invite

Adding safety managers - FAQs

  • Super Manager – the person who set up the organisation. Has full access to the account and can  add/remove users, set up new organisations/projects/sites and complete/approve inspections.
  • Manager – has full access to the account but can’t add new organisations.
  • Project Manager – has full access to the account at project level. Can’t add new organisations or grant/remove access to the whole organisation.
  • Approver – can complete and approve inspections only
  • App User – a tower operative who won’t need to access the web console
Tower ID Label

How to use TowerSure labels

To use TowerSure labels, you need to link your tower to the label during your inspection. When you’re using the app to complete an inspection, you’ll see a field called ‘Inspection Record Label’ with a button that says ‘Scan QR Code’. Simply scan the QR code on the label you’ve attached to the tower. 

Then, when you’ve completed your inspection, anyone will be able to scan the QR code to view the details.

If you have the mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the mobile app
  2. Click the search icon in the top left
  3. Click the square ‘QR’ icon in the search field
  4. Scan the QR code on the tower

If you don’t have the mobile app, scan the QR code with your phone camera or QR reader app. The inspection report you see in your web browser won’t be as detailed as the one you’d see in the app, but you will be able to check if it’s safe to use.

Reuse it! When the tower is marked as dismantled in the app, it frees the QR code up to be used for another tower. Don’t worry, the inspection record is safely stored electronically. 

They’re available to purchase from PASMA in our online shop.

How to inspect a tower remotely

  1. Log into the web console
  2. Click Inspections
  3. Find an inspection record with the status Approved (if you’re spot checking) or Awaiting Approval (if you’re doing centralised inspections)
  4. Click Inspection Detail
  5. Click the image(s) to enlarge
  6. Use the inspection images to complete the inspection checklist

If you spot a problem:

  1. Mark the relevant checklist point with a cross instead of a tick
  2. Add your comments in the Approval Comments box (bearing in mind this can be read by others and forms part of your official inspection record)
  3. Mark the tower as Do not use 
  4. Contact someone on site directly to highlight the problem – don’t rely on them checking their phone

Support and feedback

If you’ve read through the information on this page but something still isn’t quite making sense, you’re in the right place. We regret that we cannot provide individual support for TowerSure during its beta release, but we hope you will tell us about bugs, problems and ideas.

Report bugs

If you encounter something that doesn’t seem quite right with the mobile app or management console, it’s possible you’ve found a bug in the system. Please report this to us straight away so we can fix it. Check the list of known bugs first, if  you can.

Known bugs

  • Some special characters cannot be used as part of passwords, despite being common special characters. If this happens, try substituting for another special character while we work on a fix. 
  • Some users report an error message when trying to bulk invite new users using a CSV file
  • NOW FIXED: PASMA training instructors are currently unable to register their PASMA card in the system

Suggestion box

Got an idea for how we could improve TowerSure? We want to hear about the features and functionality that would help you improve tower safety in your workplace. We’ll read every suggestion.

I'm stuck - please help!

If you’ve tried to find the answer on this page, but you’re still stuck, we do want to help. Submit a support request and we’ll get back to you when we can. Apologies in advance that this may not be quickly.


If I mark a tower as ‘do not use’ in the console, how do my operatives on site get that message?

If a tower is inspected remotely and found to be unsafe, we recommend phoning the operative and/or someone else on site to make sure they get the message immediately. They will get an alert on their phone, but don’t rely on this exclusively.

Is TowerSure covered on PASMA training courses?

Not yet, but it will be! TowerSure is available on beta release now and will get its full launch in September. In the lead up to the launch, we’ll integrate TowerSure into our training courses.

How much does TowerSure cost?

TowerSure is free for everyone until May 2023. After that, it’ll still be free for small business or solo users.

PASMA is a not-for-profit organisation. Our remit is to ensure industry has access to quality training, safe equipment and expert guidance and this new system is part of that. Our priority is working towards a world where every tower user goes home safe at the end of every shift, every time. While we can’t confirm pricing for after the trial period yet, we are committed to keeping TowerSure affordable.

What if someone needs to check a tower’s inspection status but they won’t download the mobile app or scan the QR code?

They can visit and input the tower ID manually.

What is my PASMA certificate number?

You’ll find your certificate number on the PASMA card or certificate you were issued when you last did a PASMA training course. If you’ve lost these documents, you can get a replacement from the training centre who trained you. If you’re not sure who they are, we can check.

TowerSure can’t verify my PASMA certificate number – what is wrong?

TowerSure will check that you’ve entered the correct certificate number for your name. If it can’t find a match, you will see a verification error. There are a couple of things to try to resolve this:

  • Enter your name exactly as it’s written on your PASMA card/certificate
  • Take care not to add any extra spaces or characters

Do I need to be a member of PASMA to use TowerSure?

No! TowerSure is available to everyone, not just PASMA members.

Do I need to register separately for the mobile app and the management console?

No. Register once, then use the same login details for both.

Why won’t TowerSure accept the password I’ve chosen?

Your password must contain 8 characters including an uppercase character, a number and a special character (like ! or ?). We’ve identified a bug which means some special characters aren’t currently being accepted – we’re working to fix this (as of 16/3/22). 

Free trial

TowerSure is free for everyone until December. There are currently no limits on the number of users, projects or sites that you can set up. We hope it helps to improve tower safety in your organisation for the long term.