3T and AGR (Advance Guardrail) 

What is the 3T method and what is Advance Guard Rail (AGR)?

3T stands for Through the Trap and it is one of two processes used for fall protection on mobile towers recommended by PASMA and the HSE. The other process is the use of Advance Guard Rail (AGR) systems.  If you don’t know what the 3T method is or how Advance Guard Rail (AGR)  systems work and you are involved in the building of mobile towers or you have responsibilities for the use of mobile towers, then you need to get PASMA trained!

When building a tower using the 3T method, should you use the smallest or biggest end frame at the base?

You must follow the sequence for frame size and position specified in the user instructions for the tower that you are building. Each make and model of tower can be different and the sequence of components may vary depending on the height of the tower, so it is critical that you check and follow the user instructions each and every time you build a tower. This should ensure that the required guardrail dimensions are achieved using the 3T method.

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