Scaffold Towers 

The wrong choice could cost you your life!

Scaffold towers are a first choice for a wide variety of trades. The choice of scaffold towers in the market is wide but it’s important that you choose a EN1004 tower as it could save your life.

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When choosing a mobile tower or scaffold tower, safety must be a priority. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your staff are working under safe conditions and on safe equipment. It is easy to think that it won’t happen to you but as annual statistics show, it does happen to thousands of families every year.

Avoid serious injury by choosing your scaffold tower carefully

Tower scaffolds come in many different shapes and sizes so how can you be sure that the one you use is safe?

Simple… ensure that you choose an EN1004 tower!

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Why choose an EN1004 tower?

What is EN1004?

Critical Safety Features of EN1004 Towers

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Safe Use of a Scaffold Tower or Mobile Tower

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