What Will it Cost? 

Joining and Centre Registration Fees

The joining fee for PASMA membership is £500.

There’s an additional fee to register your premises as a Training, Manufacturing or Hire & Assembly Centre. This includes an audit, during which PASMA verifies that you meet all the criteria of membership:

 Training Centre Criteria

 Manufacturing Centre Criteria

 Hire & Assembly Centre Criteria

To register a Main Training Centre costs £5000. This is a one-off payment. If you would like to have additional Training Centres at different locations, the cost to register each location is £600. These are classified as Satellite Centres and must meet the same criteria as a Main Training Centre.

The cost to register a Manufacturing, Hirer/Dealer or Hire & Assembly Centre is £600.

Please note that all Manufacturer members will not be charged a Hirer Dealer Centre Registration Fee.

‘Working Towards’ Registration Fees

For manufacturers who are registering as ‘Working Towards’ full membership, there is an additional one-off fee of £800. This covers our support, guidance and reviewing of documentation throughout this process.

Annual Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is £300 for all membership categories. This is invoiced in January.

If you wish to cancel your membership, you must do so through our Members’ Area by the 31st of January, to ensure that you are not invoiced for that year’s membership fee.

Additional Annual Costs

In addition to the annual membership fee, annual audits are conducted at our accredited centres. These are conducted to ensure that our members continue to meet the high standards required by PASMA.

Training Member Annual Audit Fee (1-5 registered centres) £400

Training Member Annual Audit Fee (More than 5 registered) £800

Satellite Training Centre Annual Audit Fee £66.66 per centre per year

Hire and Assembly Audit Fees £400

Manufacturing Centre Audit Fees £400

Hirer Dealer Centre Audit Fees £300

Please note that all Manufacturer Members will not be charged a Hirer Dealer Centre Audit Fee.

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All prices are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged at 20% where applicable. Prices are subject to change without notice.