A competent person is a person who can demonstrate that they have sufficient professional or technical training, knowledge, actual experience, and authority* to enable them to:

*Note: “authority” here means delegated authority to the individual by his employer to carry out a certain function or duty.

Assembling, altering, dismantling or working on a mobile access tower will involve working at height. The Advisory Committee on Work at Height Training (ACWAHT) indicate that for anyone who works at height, competence implies:

Work at Height Awareness Syllabus (ACWAHT) 2006

PASMA provides training and verifies competence in the use of mobile access towers through its network of over 400 training centres. The PASMA Photocard provides proof that you have undergone and successfully completed training to a nationally recognized standard. All delegates receive both theoretical and practical training before being assessed to determine their competency.

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Avoid serious injury by choosing your Scaffold Tower carefully 

Tower scaffolds come in many different shapes and sizes so how can you be sure that the one you use is safe?

Simple...ensure that you choose an EN1004 tower!

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