Product Standards 

What is the current product standard for mobile towers?

EN 1004-1:2020 (published in the UK as BS EN 1004-1:2020) is the European standard for mobile access and working towers made from prefabricated elements.  EN 1004-1:2020 covers standard mobile towers in the height range of 0 to 8m for external (outdoors) use and 0 to 12m internal (indoors) use. It replaces the previous version, EN 1004:2004, which is now withdrawn.

EN 1004-2:2021 (published in the UK as BS EN 1004-2:2021) is the European standard for an instruction manual for an EN 1004-1 mobile access and working tower. EN1004-2 replaces the previous standard, EN 1298:1996, which is now withdrawn.

BS 1139-6:2021 is the British standard for prefabricated tower scaffolds which use the same components as EN 1004-1 mobile access and working towers but in configurations outside of the scope of that standard. For example:

  • high level tower scaffolds outside the maximum height limits of EN 10041;
  • tower scaffolds with more than one working platform at one time;
  • large deck tower scaffolds;
  • linked tower scaffolds;
  • cantilever tower scaffolds;
  • stepped tower scaffolds;
  • tower scaffolds used as a means of access to another place;
  • non-mobile towers built on base plates instead of castors, and;
  • tower scaffolds subject to wind loads greater than 0.1 kN/m2 so outside the limits of EN 1004-1.

BS1139-6:2021 replaces the previous standard, BS 1139-6:2014, which is now withdrawn.

Where to get them?

PASMA Members will be able to download the standards from BSI Knowledge.