Buying a Tower 

Does PASMA supply mobile access towers or can PASMA tell you which is the best mobile access tower to buy?

PASMA does not supply mobile towers. However, a list of PASMA registered manufacturers may be found on our find a member page.

PASMA cannot recommend any specific mobile tower but all PASMA manufacturing members must meet and maintain strict criteria for their products and services and they are all recommended by PASMA.

What is the current product standard for mobile towers?

EN1004:2004 (published in the UK as BSEN1004:2004) is the European standard for mobile access and working towers made from prefabricated elements.  It was published in 2004 and replaces the withdrawn British standard BS1139 Part 3.  EN1004 covers standard mobile towers in the height range of 2.5m to 8m for external (outdoors) use and 2.5m to 12m internal (indoors) use.

BS1139 Part 6 Metal Scaffolding, is the British standard which covers mobile access towers outside of the scope of EN1004 but which use the same components. Examples are high level towers greater than 12m for internal use and 8m for external use, towers with cantilever platforms, towers less than 2.5m in height commonly referred to as room scaffolds, linked towers and high clearance towers.

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