Pavement licence guidance

At the Safety & Health Expo (SHE) 2013, PASMA launched its new pavement licence guidance, created for those using mobile access towers built in areas the public can cross on foot.

Legally, in order to install towers – short term or otherwise – on a “highway”, a licence must be obtained from the Highway Authority. A highway is defined as any place where the public has a right to pass, such as pavements, carriageways, footpaths and verges.

PASMA’s new guidance both assists those using the tower to make licence applications and helps local highway authorities to issue licences. The Association is now pushing towards national uptake of this guidance and new form to help ensure that people using towers in this way understand the requirements.

The guidance and licence template has been produced by PASMA in consultation with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the Highway Authority and the National Traffic Managers’ Forum.

An example licence application is available on the PASMA website and can be viewed here.

Below is a link to download the full guidance notes:

Pavement License Guidance Notes (706.8 KB)