The Critical Safety Features of EN1004 Towers 

Proper platforms and the right quantity!

EN1004 towers have the right quantity of purpose designed platforms, supplied with the tower, which can be securely fitted and are provided with safe trapdoor access. They are not makeshift affairs made from bits of scaffold board or DIY pieces of plywood.

In an EN1004 tower you will be supplied with sufficient platforms to install them at 2m intervals during assembly and dismantling. This ensures that you can assemble and dismantle the tower from a safe and secure position on a platform with guardrails. You should NEVER stand on the frames of a tower when assembling and dismantling as you are very likely to slip and fall!

Stabilisers are not optional

EN1004 towers have stabilisers supplied as part of the tower and not offered as accessories. Mobile towers must be fitted with stabilisers when used freestanding.

Safe access

You must never climb up the outside of a tower or lean a ladder against it to gain access to the platform. If you do then the tower will become very unstable and will overturn.

EN1004 towers have built in access equipment with safe distances between the rungs and slip resistant climbing surfaces to ensure that you can ascend and descend from the platform safely.

Safe guardrails: never work on a platform without guardrails

The correct height and dimension guardrails around the whole of the platform are vital to ensure that you do not fall from a tower. Remember that falls from even a few feet can result in death and often result in serious injury. The guardrails of EN1004 towers meet the minimum height requirements at all points around the platform.

Can be assembled and dismantled safely

You should never stand on an unprotected platform when building or dismantling the tower!

There are only two recognised safe systems of building and dismantling scaffold towers. The key rule in both is that you must NEVER stand on an unprotected platform – that is a platform which is not fitted with guardrails around all the edges.

The two SAFE systems are called: 3T (Through the Trap) and AGR (Advance Guardrail). EN1004 towers are specifically designed so that they can be built using one of the two methods.

With 3T, the user is always seated in a protected position within a platform trapdoor opening when installing or removing the guardrails. AGR systems allow the user to install the guardrails in advance so they never stand on an unprotected platform. ALWAYS assemble and dismantle the tower from a safe and secure position on a platform with guardrails. You should NEVER stand on the frames of a tower when assembling and dismantling.

Comprehensive user instructions and information

All EN1004 towers are supplied with detailed user instructions and critical safety information specifying the use of either the 3T or AGR system of assembly and dismantling. You must follow these instructions and the safety information precisely.

Avoid serious injury by choosing your scaffold tower carefully

Tower scaffolds come in many different shapes and sizes so how can you be sure that the one you use is safe?

Simple… ensure that you choose an EN1004 tower!

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