What is BS 1139-6? 

BS EN1139-6 is best explained by its full name: ‘BS 1139-6 Metal scaffolding. Part 6: Prefabricated tower scaffolds outside the scope of BS EN 1004, but utilizing components from such systems’.

It is the BSI standard for scaffold towers which use prefabricated parts in advanced, complex configurations. Towers which conform to this standard must meet minimum safety requirements.

What does the standard say?

A full revision in 2015, which PASMA played a key role in bringing forward, made several changes to BS 1139-6. Most notably:

The full revision most notably involves:

  • Clarification of the scope
  • Updated terms and definitions
  • Dimensions for certain components
  • New requirements for structural design and positional stability
  • New requirements for design verification
  • New requirements for marking and for the information to be supplied

Why is it important?

People who use towers in complex ways must ensure they are using the right equipment and meeting the required minimum standard. All PASMA members must therefore be familiar with BS 1139, particularly Hire & Assembly members.

People employing PASMA members to build their towers should ensure that the towers being built are meeting these safety standards. The easiest way to do so is to hire a PASMA Hire & Assembly member, who all have staff trained to the highest level and are required to meet these standards.

BS 1139 should be read in conjunction with EN 1004!

More details about EN 1004

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