On-demand webinars

The smarter way to manage tower inspections

Recorded 8 March 2022

The when, why, who and how of inspecting towers. Learn which workers are considered competent to inspect towers and how often they should do it. Hear about PASMA’s approved checklist for inspecting a mobile access tower step-by-step and the requirements for recording an inspection. Then, PASMA introduces TowerSure – a smarter way to manage it all.

Keeping workers safe on towers: a manager's responsibilities

Recorded 11 March 2021

Ray Cooke (No Falls Foundation, formerly HSE) joins Chris Smith (PASMA) for a discussion about a manager’s responsibilities under the Work at Height Regulations, the critical role they play in preventing falls from height and the key tower safety factors they should be looking out for.

EN 1004-1:2020 – a safety professional’s guide

Recorded 9 March 2021

Changes to EN 1004, the European standard for mobile access towers, take full effect in 2021. If you’re responsible for the safety of tower users, watch this video to hear our Technical Director, Don Aers, explain how to use the transition period wisely.