PASMA Mobile App

Available to download for free, the PASMA mobile App provides a huge range of practical information that can be used on a day-to-day basis to support safety, enhance competency and speed and simplify the whole process of information gathering.

Reflecting the recognised needs of the tower community, the PASMA App offers communication without limits. Using the App you get:

  • Invaluable access to manufacturers’ instruction manuals.
  • The chance to check for information in the PASMA Code of Practice.
  • An easy and fast route to finding PASMA training centres and hirers.
  • The opportunity to keep on top of the latest news and developments; The ability to upload tower images.
  • The PASMA mobile App is already being heralded as a landmark development in the mobile access tower sector. It’s an example of the Association embracing the latest technology to deliver the help users need when it’s needed most – instantly, on site, at the touch of a screen.


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