Where can you get PASMA training?

PASMA registered and approved training centre deliver the nationally recognised PASMA training syllabus for competency in mobile towers. Click here to find your nearest Training Centre.

Does PASMA recommend prices for training?

PASMA cannot recommend training prices or offer price "guidelines" as this could have a negative impact on competition and be harmful to those who need training. For these reasons, a trade association recommending training prices is against competition law.

In July 2013 the Office of Fair Trading launched an investigation into a trade association for exactly these kind of actions. A summary of this case can be found here:

Price Guidelines

Do you need to be competent to use a mobile tower to work?

There is a specific PASMA training course available for persons who will only be working from mobile towers but who are not building or dismantling, adjusting or moving them. Click here for details on the Work at Height Essentials Course.

The Work at Height Regulations requires all persons working at height to be competent using the relevant equipment and they must be able to prove their competency.

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