Take part in Tower Week - 15-21 March 2020

Tower Week

15-21 March 2020 | #TowerWeek

Tower Week was established by PASMA to bring the whole industry together – from manufacturers to training instructors to operatives – to promote positive stories, images and messages about mobile access towers, prefabricated tower scaffolds and low level work platforms. The event is marked all over the world. Our goals are to inspire people by showing them all the different ways they can use towers and to help everyone work more safely by showcasing good practice. It’s an opportunity for all those who work with towers to celebrate their commitment to safety and all the exciting things that towers have helped them achieve.

Join in with PASMA

EN 1004 webinar: what's changing and why it matters

Tuesday 17th March, 1pm - 2pm
The European design standard for mobile access towers, EN 1004, is being updated this year. Hear all about it from Don Aers, our Technical Director.

Tower of the Month photo competition

March 2020
If your best tower photo gets the thumbs up from our safety experts and is chosen as our favourite, you'll get to see it used on our website and social channels.

Join in our Twitter chat on height safety

Monday 16th March, 4pm - 5pm
Over on Twitter, Peter Bennett OBE will host a conversation on height safety. He'll be asking some big questions and asking for your insights and views.

Get ready for Tower Week

1. Download your Supporter Pack

Show your support for Tower Week with our printable posters and graphics. This pack contains two different posters that you can display in your office or training centre, graphics in a variety of sizes suitable for your email signatures and newsletters, as well as a bundle of graphics ready-made for social media, including 6 different safety messages. To download it, enter your details below.

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2. Follow us on social media

3. Plan your Tower Week

Get ready to share your week with towers. Before Tower Week starts, plan your photo and video opportunities, gather stories, facts and reflections from your team and make sure all your colleagues know that you’re supporting Tower Week (the posters in your Supporter Pack will help with this!). If you want to organise your own events, promotions, webinars, etc, then get planning. Don’t forget to pop the date in your diary – Tower Week runs from Sunday 15th March to Saturday 21st March 2020. We’ll be focusing on a different type of tower each day, so try to plan your activity around these topics:

Monday …….. mobile access towers 
Tuesday …….. cantilever towers
Wednesday …….. towers with bridges
Thursday …….. towers on stairs
Friday …….. podiums and complex structures

Take part in Tower Week (15-21 March 2020)

When Tower Week arrives, it’s time to share your week with towers. Make some noise, show off your support and get this campaign in front of as many people as you can. Social media is perfect for this, but feel free to use whatever communication channels work best for you to get the message out.  You can take part as a business or as an individual, or both. 

4. Share your tower photos and videos

Get snapping! Between us we can highlight all aspects of the tower industry, from the design and production process through to the finished product being used by trained operatives. We want to really show people how widely towers are used and how much effort goes into keeping people safe on them.

If you’re working with towers this week, photograph it and share it.

Plan some photos ahead of time and make sure your whole team are on the lookout for spontaneous opportunities to grab the perfect selfie. Bonus points for pictures that include cantilever towers, towers with bridges, towers on stairs or non-standard configurations.

Share your best shots on social media using the hashtag #TowerWeek and be sure to tag PASMA too. We’ll share as many as we can. Use your post to explain what’s going on in the photo and perhaps include a story, insight or fact alongside it.

Aim for at least one photo post per day and at the end of the week, you’ll have enough to make a collage!

Photo ideas

  1. Training rooms set up for the day ahead
  2. Delegates working hard on courses
  3. Happy delegates who have just passed their training
  4. Towers your delegates have built
  5. A live video diary from a course you’re running that week
  1. Tower components being made
  2. Most interesting features of your towers
  3. Your finished products
  4. Stockrooms
  5. Your team
  6. Raw materials
  7. A live video diary of the production process
  1. Vans loaded and ready to go
  2. Dropping off towers to happy clients
  3. Your team
  1. What you’re working on today
  2. Tower selfies
  3. A view from the top
  4. Design drawings and documentation
  1. Delegates working hard on courses
  2. Happy delegates who have just passed their training
  3. Training rooms set up for the day ahead
  4. Piles of course material
  5. Your training facilities and equipment
  6. Your team
  1. Towers being assembled safely
  2. What you’re working on today
  3. Tower selfies
  4. A view from the top

Top tip

Be careful to only share photos that show good practice in action… we know you know what to do!

5. Share stories, insights and facts about your work with towers

What can you tell us about the work you and your colleagues are doing with towers this week? Take a moment to share stories, insights and facts that give people an inside glimpse into the work you do.

And don’t stop there – think about your whole time working in this industry and the interesting insights you’ve gained over the years.

Think too about the contribution your business makes to tower safety and how you could present that in an interesting way. Ask your colleagues for their input – perhaps they’d even provide a quote or interview.

Tell us what you’re doing with towers this week and take time to reflect on your role in the industry.  

Use social media to share the stories, insights and facts you’ve gathered. Start a conversation around them with your followers, if you can. Remember, use the hashtag #TowerWeek and tag PASMA so we can share.

Why not aim for at least one story, insight or fact per day? When we all do this, it will build up a picture of the whole industry for those watching the campaign.

Story ideas

  1. What facts are delegates most surprised by on your courses?
  2. What’s the number one mistake you see delegates making?
  3. How many delegates have you taught to use towers safely?
  4. How many PASMA courses are you teaching this week?
  5. How long have you been a PASMA instructor?
  6. What made you become a PASMA instructor?
  7. What does everyone get wrong about towers?
  1. What’s in your diary this week?
  2. How many towers have you made this week?
  3. What weight of equipment have you made this week?
  4. How many different tower products do you make and sell?
  5. What safety features do your towers have?
  6. What are some interesting things you’ve seen your clients do with towers?
  7. What might people be surprised to learn about your towers?
  8. What standards do your towers comply with? Why is this important?
  1. What’s the benefit of hiring a tower over buying one?
  2. How many towers are your customers using today/this week?
  3. What are some interesting things you’ve seen your clients do with towers?
  4. What sectors use towers?
  1. What’s the best thing you’ve achieved with towers?
  2. What’s the largest or tallest tower you’ve climbed?
  3. How much planning goes into a job? What is involved?
  4. Why is it important to you to be a PASMA member?
  5. What training have your operatives had?
  6. What’s the best view you’ve had from the top of a tower?
  7. What’s in your diary this week?
  1. How many PASMA courses are you running this week?
  2. What different PASMA courses do you offer?
  3. Why is PASMA training so important?
  4. How many delegates have you trained to use towers safely?
  1. What’s the best thing you’ve achieved with towers?
  2. Why do you use towers for working at height?
  3. What training have you or your operatives had?
  4. What’s the best view you’ve had from a tower?

Top tip

Keep your posts varied and relevant. Focus on different people in your business and different aspects of the work you all do.

6. Join in the conversation

Throughout Tower Week, PASMA will be using social media, email and press coverage to share safety advice, start conversations and announce new resources for safety professionals. Please:

  1. Share our posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  2. Reply to our social media posts with your stories, comments and photos
  3. Spread our message in any way you can think of

Use the safety graphics in your Supporter Pack to create your own posts too.Could you commit to sharing one safety message per day?

Top tip

Don’t encourage people to use the #TowerWeek hashtag for anything other than sharing tower inspiration or safety advice (e.g. do not ask them to use it to enter a competition). We want the hashtag to be packed with useful posts.

7. Celebrate any way you want!

Remember, Tower Week is an opportunity for all those who work with towers to celebrate their commitment to safety and all the exciting things that towers have helped them achieve. Although we’ve shared plenty of ideas for how to participate, please do your own thing too – the more creative the better! If you want to take your participation to the next level, consider organising:

  1. Promotions on your products and services
  2. Competitions
  3. Webinars
  4. Events
  5. Staff parties

If you’re planning a safety-focused event or webinar that anyone can attend, please let us know and we’ll share the details.