PASMA Approved Instructor Renewal 

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme was introduced by PASMA in July 2008.

Many of you will have attended the workshops around the country at which it was explained how the CPD scheme operates and its introduction into the Training Scheme Procedures under “Application Procedures” 4.6, 4.6.1 – 4.6.3.

Under this section, two new forms were introduced, PASMA 22 – Guidance Notes and PASMA 23 – CPD Record. The CPD Record is to be completed by all PASMA Approved Instructors, whether they are employed or self-employed / freelance, and CPD points claimed are verified either by your Regional Auditor or the Training Scheme Manager. You can download these forms by clicking on the links below.

PASMA 24 – Approved Instructor Renewal Application Form is available as a download and is intended to be as simple as possible to complete.  When completed correctly and on time, it will enable us to renew your PhotoCard and allow you to continue conducting PASMA training courses uninterrupted.  Unfortunately, failure to complete and submit the form on time may result in interruption to your approval status and may preclude you from conducting PASMA courses.

Click on the link below to download PASMA Form 24. Please note details of your CPD points can be entered directly on to this form, once complete please save and email a copy to

The Instructor PhotoCard will be processed in the normal way through the PASMA card registration system and there will be an administration charge of £20 + VAT for such renewals.

PASMA 24: PASMA Approved Instructor Renewal Application Form

PASMA 22: CDP Guidance