This year, PASMA turns 50. And if five decades of tower safety isn’t worth celebrating,
we don’t know what is. That’s why we’re hosting a 50th Anniversary Celebration –
Conference & Gala Dinner on 12 September 2024 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London.
More on the event will come out throughout the year, so stay tuned to
learn about upcoming attractions and when to get your tickets!

In 2024 we look back to 1974: run by volunteer industry members at the time,
PASMA was taking our very first steps; Health and Safety legislation had just been
enacted (including the creation of the HSE) following EU accession the previous year;
meanwhile, ABBA hit the charts with the Eurovision-winning song Waterloo;
and Kate Moss, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bear Grylls had all just been born!

There’s a lot of history to our journey. In the last half century, PASMA and our
members have paved the way for progress on safety standards, training and
certification for the tower industry. From the very first committee meeting
to the introduction of training itself, the association has played
a historic role in championing working at height safety.

You can find more about that history on our archive page listed below,
as well as our 50th anniversary graphics kit and the chance to nominate
someone for receiving special recognition at our anniversary event!

Access our resources

At PASMA’s archive you can browse through
the timeline, documents and images of the association’s history throughout five decades.

PASMA members may responsibly use these graphics to showcase their relationship with PASMA in celebration of our anniversary.

Non-members: please contact us for permission.

We’re keen to receive nominations for giving special recognition to those who’ve contributed to PASMA and to tower safety over the decades.

Stay tuned!

PASMA's 50th Anniversary Celebration – Conference & Gala Dinner event

📆 12 September 2024

🌍 Royal Lancaster
 London, UK

🎟️ TBA