09 August 2018

PASMA to do charity climb

PASMA to do charity climb

A number of our staff and our Madam Chairman, Gillian Rutter, will walk Ben Lomond, one of the most familiar and popular of the Munros, for the No Falls Foundation - a charity dedicated to preventing falls from height and helping people affected by their life-changing consequences.

An ascent of nearly 1000 metres, the height of 125 freestanding towers, Ben Lomond will be a challenging and rewarding opportunity for those involved, and this is how you can get involved too (no walking boots required).

We have set up a fundraising page for the event that we encourage you to donate to. All contributions will go directly to the No Falls Foundation – as well as embolden all the volunteers to step up and make it all the way to the very top.

We’d be thrilled if you could spare a few moments and contribute to the continued development of safety and awareness within the work at height sector.

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