21 July 2017

PASMA on HSE fatalities report

PASMA on HSE fatalities report

Like many other organisations in the work at height sector, PASMA, the international not-for-profit authority for the mobile access tower industry, welcomed the reduction in the number of fall from height related fatalities for 2016/17 as recently reported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

However, at 25 for the year compared with 37 for 2015/16 - an average of over two fatalities per month - there remains an enormous amount of work to be done says the association. There can be no complacency. The focus must be on building a positive, proactive safety culture.

Significantly, at 25, falls from height are only second to ‘struck by moving vehicle ‘in the HSE’s league table, representing 18 per cent of the total number of fatalities by accident type.

Comments PASMA’s managing director, Peter Bennett: “The downward trend is obviously encouraging, but behind the numbers are families, friends and colleagues whose lives will never be the same again.”

Chairwoman of PASMA, Gillian Rutter, agrees: “Naturally, the news is welcomed by PASMA and its members, but 25 deaths is 25 too many. No one can afford to rest on their laurels.”

Advancing standards and good practice, PASMA promotes the safe use of mobile access towers and champions height safety through its active involvement in the work of the Access Industry Forum (AIF) and its support for initiatives such as ‘Working Well at Height’.

Its annual Tower Safety Week - which this year will run from the 13th to the 17th of November - also makes a major contribution to the promotion of height safety. 

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