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My PASMA card is about to expire - what do I do?

During the coronavirus outbreak, we can extend your PASMA card for up to 90 days. To qualify, simply book a place on a future PASMA training course and complete the theory section online in advance - it's a series of videos that you can watch at home. When you finish the theory section, we'll extend your card until the date you plan to finish the course. Face-to-face training has largely stopped for now, so you'll need to wait until it can safely restart before you do the rest of the course. As things stand, we're allowing up to 90 days for this to happen, but we'll give you longer and extend your card again if it becomes necessary. The rest of the course takes place at a training centre and consists of a written assessment and a practical session with towers. Because you've got a head start by doing the theory online, you'll only need half a day at the centre this time. When you arrive, show them the certificate that we'll give you to prove you've already done the theory. You can either print it off or show it on your phone. If you pass the whole course, at that point your card will be extended by the usual five years. To secure your 90-day extension, speak to your nearest PASMA training centre to make a booking. When you've done so, you'll get an email from us shortly afterwards with a link to take the theory section online. Both Towers for Users and Low Level Access have an online section, but we're working on doing the same for the rest of our courses. And remember, even if your employer has placed you on furlough, you are still allowed to complete online training for them. This is confirmed in UK government guidance.