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Meet our new Head of Marketing and Communications

Hello, I'm Rhona and I've recently joined PASMA as Head of Marketing and Communications. I hope I'll have the opportunity to meet you personally before long (if I haven't managed it already) but in the meantime, I wanted to say hi and give you an idea of how I'll be adding value to your PASMA membership. I've just finished a busy induction month where I enjoyed hearing about some of the projects that PASMA is involved in, both in the UK and internationally. For example, I've learned about our support for the No Falls Foundation and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Working at Height (I tuned into their parliamentary debate during my first week). I've visited the soon-to-be-refurbished building where our Test and Research Centre will be based, played the beta version of our interactive 'how to build a tower' training game and got involved in planning our next annual conference. There's so much going on and for a marketer, this is extra exciting - it gives me lots to talk about! After all, an important part of my job is keeping you updated on what's going on at PASMA (and how it's going to benefit you). As well as emails like this one and news stories on our website, I'll also use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to reach you. The work at height industry is new to me, so I'm aware that I have lots to learn. Thankfully, I'm surrounded by people who really know their towers and, in some cases, have dedicated their careers to them. This means that I have plenty of expertise and knowledge to draw on. What I bring is fresh perspective, 12 years' marketing and communications experience and a healthy curiosity. One thing that's already clear to me is that mobile access towers are an increasingly versatile, cost-efficient and safe way to work at height. I'll be doing everything I can to spread that message. Having met some of our members already, I've seen how much enthusiasm and passion there is for the role we play in the industry. You contribute to PASMA in so many ways, so I know it's vital that you see value from my role. To help me with this, I'd like to get to know you better. I'm particularly interested in your challenges and what you value about your PASMA membership (and maybe what frustrates you?). I'd love if you could answer 10 questions to help me channel my support to the areas where I can help most. Alternatively, please do email, phone or drop me a message on LinkedIn if there's anything you'd like to tell me. If we don't speak beforehand, I hope I'll see you at our annual conference on 26th September - save the date for now and stay turned for the booking site opening very soon. PASMA has a 45-year history of advancing safety standards and representing the interests of the mobile access tower industry - it's an organisation we can all be proud to support and contribute to. I'm excited that I'll be able to help you get even more out of your membership and I can't wait to get started. Please do remember to take that quick survey for me when you can!