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PASMA instructors visit Euro Towers factory

24/01/24 - PASMA instructors attend two Euro Towers CPD days at their Northampton premises Manufacturer Euro Towers recently invited PASMA training instructors along to their factory in Northampton for an in-depth look at how towers are made. They also squeezed in some valuable assembly practice with Euro Towers’ more advanced tower configurations, which had been newly certified to product standard BS 1139-6. PASMA instructors are always keen when it comes to CPD. Despite their packed schedules, they recognise the importance of taking time out of the classroom to learn more about the variety of tower manufacturers and their products.

Instructors must keep their tower knowledge fresh

PASMA training is always delivered by a subject matter expert and can only be run by qualified instructors. These instructors must do a certain amount of CPD yearly to keep their qualifications active. This type of hands-on experience is invaluable for PASMA instructors, as it allows them to gain exposure to a wide range of tower brands and configurations. Richard Chapman, director of RSC Training Ltd shared his experience of the CPD day, “A lot of instructors take time out of their busy schedules to come along and get hands-on experience. It’s worth it because it’s a great experience and we get to share the knowledge we've gained with our delegates. It was great to see how Euro Towers manufacture their equipment and listen to George Lopez give the latest updates with the new BS1139-6 standards.” Richard has shared more of his experience on his website.

Exposure to different manufacturing methods

PASMA instructors see how Euro Towers manufacture their towers.

Different manufacturers make towers differently and for instructors, this was a great chance to see how Euro Towers manufactures theirs. As PASMA's lead auditor George Lopez explains, “For instructors, it’s good to see how manufacturers use different processes. For example, instructors got a unique experience of being behind the scenes and getting a full demonstration of Euro Towers crimping process which is an alternative method to welding hooks onto the braces. It’s a process few manufacturers use. Instructors need to keep their tower knowledge up-to-date so they can deliver the best PASMA courses possible and it was great working with Euro Towers to deliver these CPD days for our instructors."

A testament to how PASMA instructors take their CPD

Both events, Tuesday 10 October and Wednesday 29 November 2023, were well-attended by PASMA instructors, including Andrew Muxlow, Bartosz Zdunowski, Cyril Jones, Daniel Haubensack, Dawid Suder, Jason Jacques, Michael Bamford, Michael Pitt, Michael Tait, Nick Manners, Richard Chapman, Richard Stoner, Ryan Eiffert and Terry Flanagan for attending these CPD days at Euro Towers.

PASMA instructors on the Euro Towers factory tour.

Paul Ludlow, sales manager at Euro Towers, elaborated on the importance of these CPD days, “As a manufacturer and long-standing member of PASMA, we feel a strong responsibility to help advance tower safety. Hosting these events for training instructors, who teach people to use products like ours safely every day, was a great way to ensure that the knowledge shared on the day will ultimately benefit a much wider audience. We were overwhelmed with how far our guests had travelled. We had instructors there from the North West, North East, Midlands and the South – all over England! It’s a testament to how seriously PASMA instructors take their professional development. They had so many questions about the process we went through to gain BS 1139-6 certification for our product range and I hope the insights we were able to share made them even better PASMA instructors when they got back to the classroom.” The event was a great success, as the instructors had positive feedback and appreciated the chance to meet and work with other instructors from different parts of the country. PASMA freelance instructor Ryan Eiffert described the day as "A fantastic PASMA CPD event for instructors hosted by Euro Towers Ltd and George Lopez learning the changes to BS1139-6. Hopefully, there will be more days like this. It was also a great meeting with new and old instructors whilst working as a team to build a Euro Towers cantilever tower." Thank you to Roger Verallo managing director of Euro Towers Ltd and to Paul Ludlow, Patrick Douglas, and the Euro Towers team for hosting these two CPD days and providing PASMA instructors with this valuable opportunity. Euro Towers are one of PASMA's manufacturing members. PASMA instructors teach PASMA training courses at centres across the world.

Euro Towers CPD days at their Northampton premises.