Questions and Comments about the EN 1004 Revision

Questions or comments about EN 1004?

We will answer most questions by publishing the answer on our website or guidance documents, so that our response can help others too. Please give as much relevant information as possible. We will contact you when your question has been answered, which will be as soon as possible but may not be straight away. We will not publish any of your personal details.
We’re particularly interested to hear about any impacts you think this revision will have that we haven’t already addressed, or any support or guidance you’d like from PASMA that we haven’t already committed to or provided. We will use the information you provide to shape the content of our guidance and nature of our support. We may publish your comment in full or in part or share it with others if we think it’s helpful to do so, but we would always do this anonymously. We will not respond to you personally.
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