26 August 2018

Wake up Call

Wake up Call

PASMA are urging those responsible for safety in the workplace to demand high standards for low-level access now that podiums meeting BS 8620 are available.

BS 8620 was published towards the end of 2016 and sets the benchmark for strength, stability, rigidity and access in low-level work platforms - often referred to as podiums and pulpits. Building upon the previous work of the Publicly Available Specification PAS 250 - which introduced design criteria for podiums for the first time - it provides added protection for users when working at low-level heights.

Whatever the sector, whatever the job, PASMA advises that users should not use podiums that don’t, as a minimum, meet PAS 250 or preferably BS 8620.

PASMA recommends:

  • If you are using podiums that meet neither PAS 250 or BS 8620, you should update your fleet at the earliest opportunity.

  • Standards are not retrospective, so if you have PAS 250 podiums that are still in good working condition, you can still use them.

  • Replace your PAS 250 podiums with products certified to BS 8620 from a reputable supplier when they are no longer in good working condition.

  • Update your purchasing policy to specify BS 8620 products.

Visit www.pasma.co.uk/bs8620 for more information


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