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"Be safe, don't fall, stay alive!" urges the No Falls Foundation

8/7/20 - As lockdown eases and people begin returning to work, the No Falls Foundation is urging workers to 'Be Safe, Don’t Fall, Stay Alive!' Like us, they are keen to ensure height safety remains a priority despite the understandable pressures to kick-start the economy. Our Managing Director, Peter Bennett OBE, is also chair of the Foundation's trustees. Here's his view: "Falls from height are the single biggest cause of workplace deaths and one of the main causes of major injuries. It's therefore imperative that safety is not compromised for the sake of productivity." "We have witnessed unprecedented collaboration and mobilisation of all the stakeholders in industry - government, regulators, employers, trade associations, trade unions and employees - to fundamentally change behaviours to try and ensure that COVID-19 does not wreak devastation in the workplace." "Moving forward, we need to harness and build upon that collaboration and sense of common cause, and apply it to that commonplace, often unnoticed danger - working at height." The No Falls Foundation is a charity very close to our hearts - it's dedicated to preventing falls from height and helping people affected by the life-changing consequences of a fall. Please show your support and subscribe to their newsletter for occasional news, views and details of all the latest developments at the Foundation.